Student Ambassador

So picture this. Year one, I’m just a shy, somewhat lonely, new student with nothing really that exciting about me. One day, on UniHub, I see an ad to apply for the student ambassador scheme, so I give it a crack and forget about it. A month later, I get invited for an interview, and […]

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Summer school

Alright, so because I’ve been swamped with work and stuff, I ended up dropping a module during the year and going part-time. Now I have to make up the credits in order to graduate. #TrueStory There’s a few ways I could do this, like doing the module next year as scheduled orrr… Summer School. First […]

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Fifty Shades of Inny

Hey there, ladies and gents. I trust you’re well. Guess what’s happening this week. North London Literary Festival THAT’S WHAT! Put on by MDX students!! #Winning I’m a massive sucker for literary talent. #CreditWhereItsDue. So in honour of it, I thought i’d a share a little something – hence the title. (Sorry – this isn’t going to […]

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NSS 2015 – Gotta be done

Ahhh, that time of the year again. The National Student Survey. Did you see the stuff in the Quad in Feb?! DID YA?!?! Like how cool was that? Cooler than a snowman with gold chains and a snapback. The Tetris lounge, the Lego, the whole shabang. It was all so exciting! All of that to get […]

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Social Media: Publicity and PR

Brands all around the world have used social media as a tool to generate publicity for years, creating hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers. They’ve deployed all sorts of tactics and strategies from press releases and advertising promotions to viral marketing and even ambush marketing. This has got social media abuzzin’ with consumers constantly […]

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Digital Product Placement

Sup peeps? Hope you’re all good! A quick heads up on dis post and da next, it’s jus summin I gotta do for my Digital Marketing module. So buckle up cuz i’m about to school you. Enjoy! – Living in the 21st century, we’re no strangers to advertising. Yet, traditional advertising such as banner ads […]

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Ball so hard…

“Ball so hard muvva luuvva’s wanna fiinndd mee.” That’s right people, guess who’s back!?!?! For those of you who don’t know me, they call me Inny. You can read all about me here, but to sum up, i’m a third year BA Marketing student and write about MDX student stuff for you guys. I took […]

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